Outdoor Living Space

Well landscaped home's backyard patio area
Covered backyard patio kitchen

Breathtaking aesthetic, Fully Functional, Inviting Extensions of Home

Floors. Walls. Ceiling. Custom-Built Wood or Composite Structures, Pergolas, Pavilions, Fire Features, Built-in Barbecues or Full Kitchens can completely change how you use or view your outdoor space, often extending how long you can enjoy our seasons.
Covered backyard patio kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Entirely redefining how you spend outside as a family or with guests, an outdoor kitchen gives a space for everyone to spend and enjoy an afternoon and evening outdoors. These can range from a simple, built in Barbecue, to a fully functional kitchen.
Pavillion by the poolside

Pavilions & Pergolas

Versatile, Luxurious Patio Cover to extend the use of your outdoor living space. From Custom Built Pergolas and Pavilions to Luxury Motorized Pergolas, your outdoor event need not be canceled for a chilly or rainy day.
Outdoor fireplace

Fire Features

A fire feature can be a subtle backdrop for mood with a chimney built adjoining a pavilion, or a low centerpiece for spreading out and enjoying conversations amongst. Each is different and unique, ranging from old-fashioned natural wood to contemporary wifi controlled gas features.
Water fountain

Water Features

Water features add depth and enhance the relaxing atmosphere with sound and visual enjoyment to your personalized landscape environment.
Driveway to a home with shrubs, flowers, and grasses


Planting can be neat and tidy to wild and natural feeling. It can draw you in to appreciate the boldness of a home or structure, or bring it in to feel warmth of nature encompassing it's presence. Sometimes it's just as simple putting in a new tree for shade or privacy.
Pool with waterfall feature


Adding a pool to your backyard can completely change the way you and your family spend your summers. Designing the pool to suit your needs along with planting and hardscape around it at the same time helps create a cohesion that's more difficult to accomplish if not done altogether.
Custom stone walls

Retaining Walls & Hardscapes

Functionally, retaining walls and hardscapes help improve the usability of a property. Designed well within the landscape, they can add a great deal of effect to the overall feel and intent. Our skilled craftsman are able to create incredible structures.

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Statue with stone stairs, shrubs and flowers