Snow Removal & Winter Services

As all Michiganders know, controlling snow and ice during our harsh winter months is extremely critical. Neglecting to do so could lead to big headaches, or even injuries. Our snow and ice removal services includes plowing of driveways and parking lots, and shoveling for sidewalks, entryways and other areas which cannot be plowed. During the snowier seasons, we will ensure access to your areas and reduce safety hazards with our comprehensive snow and ice mitigation program.

Commercial Snow Removal

Winter and fall cleanup is a must when it comes to your business. We can schedule all seasonal maintenance to ensure that your property never falls behind. Snow and ice can cause big challenges for you and your customers. We provide year-round services, including snow and ice management, so that you can focus on running your business rather than dealing with the weather.

Dormant Pruning

Trimming trees and shrubs in winter? Why? Some trees can only, be trimmed in winter, did you know that? It’s also a great time to do trimming in overgrown trees and shrubs that need substantial thinning or reducing. In many cases, you just can’t do as intense of trimming during the growing season, and its often cheaper to trim in winter for those cases.

Evergreen Tree & Shrub Winterization

Taking care of your plants is a must throughout every season, even winter! We’ll winterize your broadleaf evergreen trees and shrubs to make sure they last throughout the harsh, cold months. This includes applying a protective coating to your broadleaf evergreens. These sprays protect your shrubs and trees from the dry, damaging winter winds. We can even install protective burlap to protect from snow/salt or winds as well, and when we’re done it’s neat and clean.

Inside To-Do Lists!

Our current customers trust us throughout the season on the outside, we often get requests to help with things of all sorts in the winter. It helps us keep us busy when we’re not plowing, and our customers know they can always count on good, trustworthy people to do the work through us. Need to clean out your basement or attic? Clean all your windows inside and out before the family comes by for the holidays? No problem! Check those items off your list without lifting a finger, we’re happy to help any way we can.

Breakdown of Services

  • Residential Subdivision
  • Commercial Parking Lot

Reliable Landscaping Design

We work with you to design a landscape you can be proud of. Our team of experts are waiting to completely transform your home.

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