Landscaping in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

What Is Involved in Grosse Pointe Landscaping?

Landscaping in Grosse Pointe involves more than just planting and watering trees, flowers, and shrubs. It involves careful preparation, precise implementation, and continuous maintenance. At Three C’s Landscaping, our professional staff is there to assist you with every step in the process so that you can take pride in your yard as you enjoy it for many years to come.

Step One: Landscape Design in Grosse Pointe

In order to create a yard that meets your expectations yet does not exceed your budget, your landscape architect in Grosse Pointe will need to meet with you, listen to your wishes, analyze the property, create a base map, and draw preliminary designs. The architect will discuss this design with you and modify it in order to reflect your wishes. Once the architect’s vision is aligned with yours, he or she will transfer your designs to the base map so the landscaping construction crew will be able to implement it.

Step Two: Landscaping Construction

Before construction can even begin, there are steps that you or the construction crew will have to take, such as running utility lines, demolishing any unwanted structures or surfaces, and ensuring proper drainage by grading the yard. Once these tasks have been completed, construction can begin on the following:

  • Perimeter or retaining walls
  • Irrigation system
  • Fire pits and/or other outdoor living elements
  • Decks, patios, and other hardscapes

Once these have been constructed and planting has taken place, it is time to test the gas, electric, and irrigation systems to ensure they are working.

Step Three: Maintenance

Your new landscaping requires regular maintenance to keep it looking healthy, clean, and beautiful. Water features and irrigation systems need maintenance and repairs, shrubs need trimming and shaping, and evergreens need burlap for winter. In addition to ongoing maintenance tasks, there are seasonal chores to do, such as clean-up in the fall and spring.

Landscaping Services for All Seasons

Three C’s Landscaping can help you design, build, and maintain beautiful landscaping in Grosse Pointe every step of the way. Contact us today at 586-415-4850.


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